April 2020 Update

Hi Supporters and Friends,

Just to keep you in touch with what is happening at the school………

Firstly, the launch of the sponsorship scheme to assist the 45 poorest children has gone well! There are just TWO pupils left……slightly older, one boy of 15 and a girl of 13 as they both began school very late!

Please email me on ruth.smith1950@gmail .com if you would like to sponsor one of these children.

They are now in Grade 6, so it would be for this year, then 2 more academic years, as Kenyan children stay at their Primary School until Year 8.Secondly, because of the Covid 19 virus, all schools in Kenya have been closed for the past month.

Some of our very poorest children really rely on their morning porridge and cooked lunch which they get at school, so basically, they are going very hungry right now!

We have set up a FOOD APPEAL so that Headteacher Alice can organise for these pupils to shop at the local store opposite the school, so they can receive decent nutrition.

If you think you can help with this, however small, please donate via the website.

Many many thanks to those kind people who have donated already!

The first amount has been sent and some children have already benefited.

Let’s hope the school can re open soon, but who knows when?

Please be assured they did not spend their food allowance on the pop bottles pictured behind, only Maize flour, rice, beans and cooking oil !!!

Thank you.


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