Classroom Fund

£200 raised of £5000 target

Laptops, Stationery and Storage

As well as story books, text books and Teachers’ Guides, we need to buy computing equipment and a classroom printer as the other one is based in the school office

Laptops are best as they can be locked  in a secure office every evening.

The ideal would be one lap top between two pupils, so we are aiming for 15 lap tops to cater for a class of 30.

Teachers would then ‘book’ the laptops for specific times with their classes.

Each lap top costs approximately £250.  Currently we have 4, so need to purchase a further 11 as we haven’t been able to visit Kenya in 2021, (due to Corona Virus) when we could have taken 4 with us…

This fund also pays for general materials such as pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, rubbers and pin boards etc. also metal cupboards to store materials to prevent rats and termites from nibbling them!

It is very important for teachers to continue with their professional development by attending training and conferences for which fees have to be paid. Transport and food also have to be budgeted for.

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