Hardship Fund

Hardship Fund

£200 raised of £5000 target

Life for some of our pupils has always been hard. Since the pandemic, it has become even harder.

As well as this, some of our pupils lead very challenging lives. Pendo, who is now 13, was one of our first pupils when MBFA opened in January 2015.  Her family have been very badly affected by the virtual closure of the tourist industry in Malindi, and work has been almost impossible to find.

She has long since grown out of her uniform and shoes, and despite asking her mother for new ones, was coming to school in home clothes.

Because of a generous sponsor, Head teacher Alice was able to take Pendo to purchase uniform, shoes and a school bag with a pencil case. Pendo was obviously delighted! It made her feel better and gave her some self-respect. 

The Hardship Fund would directly assist pupils such as Pendo and families who have no income to feed and clothe their children on a short-term basis.

Even if a child is Individually Sponsored, it is still the responsibility of the parent or carer to provide uniform and exercise books. In a few cases, this simply isn’t an option.

It wouldn’t be fair to provide food for just our pupils at home. Obviously the family has to be fed, so over Lockdown we were able to provide essentials such as flour, beans, rice and cooking oil, to 20 families who would have literally starved without this assistance.

So whether it is uniform, a PE kit, shoes and socks or basic cooking ingredients, the Hardship fund will be life changing for some of our pupils.

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