Lunch Fund

Lunch Fund

£1,500 raised of £15,000 target

Children cannot learn without adequate nutrition!

Morning Porridge

Pupils may have come to school without any breakfast or may have not eaten anything over the weekend as their parents/ carers simply haven’t had the money to buy provisions.

The mug of porridge made from maize flour is free, as our charity ‘The Friends of Malindi Bright Future Academy’ provides this. We estimate it costs 20 KSH per child per day (approximately 13p) to provide everyone with a mug of excellent nutrition.

School Lunch

The cooked school lunch of beans and rice is absolutely essential to their wellbeing. Where possible, we add vegetables and fresh fruit, though we can’t always afford to do this.

We encourage parents to pay the 50 KSH (approximately 33p) for the lunch, though for the poorest parents, this isn’t feasible. Over the 36-week school year, this adds up to £60 per pupil.

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