Twinkle Comes Home

So after 40 years, I discovered some little stories I wrote about our donkey Twinkle when my daughter was nearly 3 , in the back of a filing cabinet!

My friend Anita Eastwood agreed to illustrate them, I found a publisher then an anonymous donor stepped up and agreed to pay for 500 to be printed.

All sales will go towards buying new text books and story books for our school, as in January 2021, the Kenyan curriculum is changing.

There are various ‘sellers’ around the island where you can get your copy for £5.99.

Ideal for Christmas or anytime for the little person in your life!

Susie at Neptune, Gorey harbour

Jenny at JFTU, near La Hougue Bie, St Saviour

Viv Day, St John

Maureen P. at Le Mourier Swim School, St Lawrence

Rosemary Parker, Trinity

Nick, The Old Curiosity Shop Cafe, Sand St. St Helier

Corbett and Le Quesne , Family Lawyers, West Centre, St Helier

Anita Eastwood, St Mary

The Reception, The Vehicle Workshop, St Peter’s Technical Park

Georgie, Crafty Cottage shop, St Peter

Richard Quenault, Bethesda, St Ouen.

Every copy sold is a new text book! Thank you for your support.


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